Friday, May 11, 2012


Our closing date is this coming Tuesday. WE ACTUALLY HAVE A CLOSING DATE!!! WE ARE CLOSING ON THE PROPERTY!!! Did I mention we have a closing date?

We are heading out on Sunday, meeting with our realtor on Monday for a final walk through and then meeting with all parties involved for the closing on Tuesday. Then we will have about a week and a half to see what we can accomplish on this first trip.

Left-Brain List vs. Left-Brain List
Several weeks ago,  I asked Alan to make a list of what he wanted to accomplish on our first stay at the property. I thought it would be fun to compare our lists. First a side by side comparison of our top priorities. I cannot use my ubiquitous assortment of hi-lighters for ease of comparison, so I added some color coded backgrounds to make it easier to see how we matched up.

#1 Easy access to the deck to get in, probably just a step-ladder Determine route to closest ER/immediate care
#2 Septic system additives - Cleaner and treatment. The system has not been used in so long, its bacteria is probably dead. Build steps to deck
(Alan's #1)
#3 Inside lighting: kerosene, motion-detection LED. Hopefully before it gets dark. Internet
(Alan's #10)
#4 Outside lighting: driveway stake lights, doorway flood lights, motion detector - all solar Indoor security - change locks, check door & window integrity
(Alan's #5 & #6)
#5 Change locks Hike/mark property
(Alan's #13)
#6 Inside security system Outdoor solar lighting & security
(Alan's #4 & #9)
#7 Setup bedroom - hopefully before we drop from exhaustion Outdoor presence (slob art) so the property looks occupied.
#8 Setup kitchen - Katadyn water filter, Kelly Kettle, butane burner, COFFEE GRINDER Start lists - needs, to-do, thoughts & ideas for future
#9 Outside WiFi night-vision security cameras at doors Measure all aspects of house
#10 Test our two contenders for Internet access - AT&T and Verizon (hoping Verizon wins due to slightly better pricing) Clean kitchen cupboards etc. so we can be ready to put stuff away we bring on the next trip
(Alan's #8 - sort of)
#11 Setup solar system inside house for remote monitoring and Internet access Remove rotted decking and calculate amount of lumber needed to re-deck
#12 Checkout well -measure water depth Add one more thing to my list so it's as long as Alan's
#13 Explore actual property lines Check to make sure my list is as long as Alan's
I was going to analyze our similarities and differences, but it might be more interesting to get some feedback from my readers. Feel free to chime in with any comments and/or insights when comparing our lists.

Be Afraid Creepy-Crawlies!
I have also put together some photos of a few more 'interesting' items we are taking with us:

Permethrin Tick Repellent
(and cool solar lantern)

Spider Killer
(We will be in Brown Recluse territory)
See a trend?!?

There are also poisonous snakes in the region, so we were also considering snake repellent granules (right) to spread around the outside perimeter of the house. I discovered the two main active ingredients in natural snake repellents are clove and cinnamon, so maybe I should just bake cookies instead.

Actually, I like my alternative (see below).

Three sizes of snake-shot
(for my 22 Ruger target pistol,
my 38 Smith & Wesson revolver
and 410 shot for my Smith & Wesson Governor

One other item we found at Tractor Supply (almost a hardware store) today. This cool 12 volt power station that has three 12 volt (cigarette lighter) sockets and 2 USB ports that can all be used in tandem. The description says it mounts on a dashboard. Now who would ever have a dashboard in their house?

Hopefully my next entry will be made from the property, connected over the cell network, powered by solar!


  1. Checklist item .5 - notify family (Tom next) that we made it down safely!

    1. Good point! That has been added to the list.

  2. 9:50 pm - Wondering where Arn and Alan are...

    - At Denny's fueling-up two hungry appetites before the last leg of the trip?

    - Headed down a dark country road almost to their destination?

    - Already there, looking-up at some star-lite night realizing they have a peace of heaven?

    ...Sleep tight on your first evening of the great adventure!

  3. Actually, we are tucked into a hotel outside Rolla Missouri for the night. Since we are taking two vehicles and not able to switch drivers we didn't want to make the entire trip in one day. Also, I wanted time to work on a couple client projects tonight. We will get an early start on the second, much shorter leg, so we can meet our realtor early in the day for the final walk-through. And TJ, forget Denny's this is WAFFLE HOUSE country and there is one close to the hotel.


  5. I heard there were ticks. Then I heard there were these things!