Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No post tonight

It was a good day with some more projects completed but I have a headache tonight, probably from the heat, and I need to get up early to work on a client project. So off to bed without a post... Oh, um , nevermind.


  1. Hope the headache is better. By the way, did you ever discover what the insect swarm noise was the other night?

    1. Thanks TJ, the headache is gone this morning and right now it is just over 70 degrees. The high is supposed to be 102 today.
      Some people refer to the bugs as cicadas, but I googled and they are a species of Katydids, called Leaf Katydids but also known as Long Horn Grasshoppers:

  2. Yep - I found a picture of them:

  3. Ha-ha! That's what they sound like. We actually saw one during the day yesterday and they don't look like they can make as much noise as they do.